Launch is imminent!

Bodhi has meticulously orchestrated this launch, and the moment is finally upon us! Introducing our groundbreaking Crafted All-In-One Vape with Liquid Live and featuring our proprietary Terpene Preservation Technology—a true game changer.

Embark on a journey with the Bodhi Crafted All-In-One Vape, where cutting-edge hardware converges with premium oil. 

Our revolutionary cotton-free Quartz Crystal Atomizer guarantees a pristine flavor until your very last puff. Bid farewell to wasted oil and enjoy a cleaner taste without the interference of cotton wicking. 

No more clogs, thanks to our 3-Touch Buttonless PreHeat function. The Terpene Preservation Technology ensures extended oil use, maximum flavor, and impressive clouds.

What’s inside is extraordinary. Our top priority is optimizing the oil and preserving volatile terpenes. With Terpene Preservation Technology, we’ve engineered a system that maintains low temperatures to safeguard flavors, protect from overheating the oil and unleashes voluminous clouds.

This new line unveils two distinctive varieties. Bodhi Crafted Pure offers a Distillate-free, Full Spectrum experience with 100% Liquid Live Resin Diamonds, elevating your vaping journey. Meanwhile, Bodhi Crafted Original presents our revolutionary All-In-One Vape Pen, featuring Award-Winning Liquid Live Resin paired with High-Potency Distillate for a longer-lasting, high-potency puff of strain-specific cannabis.

With these innovative features, the buzz is bound to spread. Explore our “Find a Retailer” page to locate a store in your neighborhood, and start curating your own Bodhi moments. Subscribe to stay in the loop on the latest updates about the Bodhi All-In-One vapes. Your next vaping adventure awaits!